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Get top notch laptop repair services at Fixog

Working of a Laptop

Laptops are not magic, however, the power that the laptop provides is quite magical. If you are an expert at computer tech, you need not worry a lot about your laptop not working issue, but for the rest, who are not well educated with laptop repair services, Fixog is out here for them. The laptop is of course a gift to the mankind with its extraordinary and multi tasking ability but once it starts showing errors and malfunction, you as the user will face a lot of issues.

Get professional Help!

If you are not able to decide between a repair or a replacement, you should always take assistance from a professional (preferably Fixog!) We are an expert laptop repair services provider in India and the US and we go to your problem first and then provide you with a free quote. We can present to you a lot of estimates in just fifteen minutes of time, and provide the entire information within a day or two.

When do we help you?

Come to us when you have tried your part and your issue is still not resolved. We help you in three crucial circumstances:

When your screen shows dead pixels

Dead pixels on your laptop screen appear in the form of dots that do not change its color irrespective of their source of display. They turn full black, white, black, or red. These are also known as screen pimples. We use a tool called the dead pixel checker to fix the pixel issue.

When your Laptop is overheated

The heat produced from a laptop should definitely vent out. If your computer has turned hot, it is the CPU temperature. If this temperature hits around 100 degrees Celsius, the laptop or computer will automatically turn off itself for protection.

When the battery life has decreased

You may be in a need of a new battery. Fixog does the job of removing and replacing the battery in your laptop.

What Is The Cost Of A Computer Repair?

Here at Fixog, we first offer our customers free quotes after taking a look at the problem. We make sure to include everything, say the labor and parts price that your laptop repair will need in the quote for you to know the cost for fixing.

Services we provide

  • Software Repair service– The presence of a software bug can be easily fixed but some other times it may first need to go through a back up of your data and a full reinstallation. Factory reinstalls that our laptop repair services at Fixog do for you are the most effective way to speed up your laptop.

  • Hard Drive Replacement service – The price depends on the hard drive you need. Our hard drive replacements ranges include both machine parts and labor.

  • Liquid Damage Repair service – Liquid damage of your laptop cost depend on the intensity of the laptop damage. It also depends on how much liquid went into your computer, and the damage the liquid caused.

  • Motherboard Replacement service – The motherboard is the most expensive part of a laptop. Mac motherboards cost higher than other motherboards.

  • Fan Repairs or Replacement service – computer fans may get clogged and need cleaning quite often. It also may need a replacement. Computer fans are somewhat and you are here only paying the cost of labor cost.

  • Data Recovery service – Data recovery can somewhat be expensive and cost higher. Data transfer and data recovery could cost the damage of to a hard drive with that can be a lot. Data recovery works need to go through a system of tiers that is, repair, data recovery and data transfers.


Some of the price ranges are very low. Our price ranges show our company’s labor charges and may be different from other laptop repairs companies in the market. We hope you find a cheaper alternative but we also hope the cheaper services do not delete your data accidentally. We are priced and a professional laptop repair service provider and we charge a fair price for our professional service.

If you need a price range any how, we suggest you not make a decision for repair or without getting the free quote from us.