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iPhone Logic Board Repair

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What is the Logic Board of your iPhone? How is it different from the motherboard of your iPhone?

It is to explain for the beginners that any model of iPhone is made up of a display assembly, a battery, and different smaller parts like the speaker, camera, mic, and sensors. And it also consists of small connectivity cables and also the Main board, these drives the I/O units. However, for information, the main board is also called the Logic board or the motherboard.

What are the common issues that the iPhone logic board shows?

Apple is a quite fairly regular brand that does the job of launching an iPhone each year. This is a result that directly has impacted its competition to catch up and launch different models within a year itself. However, if you wish to keep up with the launching rate of an iPhone with every passing year, you will obviously face the added burden of getting defects with the model design. Because of this defect in design in any particular iPhone model, there will be some of the other issues that are fairly usual in a specific global model. So, this is also the only reason why the iPhone shows common hardware errors that are related to the specific models of different iPhone.

You can see the list that we have given below and know about some of the few hardware errors that can be seen usually in some of the models, however, these errors do not include the errors in externalities:

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  • Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s- The users with these two iPhone models struggle a lot with the network issue. They come across the no network error, the sim not getting detected error or the wifi button disabled in wifi settings error. This network issue faces a very common fixing of hardware to replace the baseband IC which gets shorted commonly.

  • Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s- The errors here shows a common error where the users are perturbed. The iPhone does not turn on, and it shows a battery issue that is in need of a replacement. But, it finally turns out to be the charging IC issue or the issue with power management IC issue, or even the bad functioning of the baseband IC.

  • Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus- These models have a unique problem where there is no output of audio when on a call. The audio turns into mute by itself, call and speaker buttons turn disabled and one is not able to hear any audio from the user. The recorder app does not record any voice and audio. This is an audio IC problem and replacing this audio IC will fix any such audio issue.

  • The series from Apple iPhone X- This series shows a common issue the charging IC. The iPhone stops charging itself and the phone turns off. In a condition like this, it is very difficult to find the issue. It can be an adapter or even the battery at fault and it is hard to find out. The main issue is the charging IC. From the iPhone X launching and other iPhone series, Apple changed the architecture board and it gave way to the sandwich boards. These are tricky to open and the local repair shops do not have the right equipment for opening the boards or for putting them at the back of the boards with the connections that remain intact. So the main connection of the shorted VDD is usually the main reason for why your iPhone X is dead. Dealing with the sandwich board is a difficult task and only a well skilled technician, like those on our team, who is an ‘expert’ with handling the displays and with the battery replacement rightly takes care of the opening of the logic board. Experts like them at Fixog repair and replacement services do their repair jobs rightly done. We, however, offer you with services even to different repair shops in Delhi.