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Fixog is the one stop service center for your electronic devices. We are a leading electronics repair company in India and have successfully worked with a huge number of popular brands that are available in the market. Our cell phone, TV, and all other gadgets and electronics are fixed by experts, who promise to provide you with nothing but the best level of service for all the old and latest versions of branded electronics. Your damaged device could be of any models, new or old, we will make sure to give it a proper fix.

Our engineers and expert technicians are fully trained and will be there to fix your query within a very short period of time. We make sure that you do not face a new hassle while fetching our service; we are generous, professional and will provide you with what we promise. Our company combined has a dedicated team of experts, and we are destined to meet the ever growing requirements of all the customers where our team will give their best performance just for customer satisfaction.

We have a huge reach and have served in residential, complexes, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, offices, businesses, companies, and IT & ITES firms. It is seen that over the years, the corporate tends to lose a lot of their work productivity because of malfunctioning gadgets, devices, and electronics in their offices and companies. There is a need for maintenance and regular check up of their operating system that needs to be regularly done so as to exclude any fatal accidents and to keep up the productivity of work.

We have successfully made our name in the India's leading repair and service marketplace for all the B2B companies. We provide IT Hardware & Software with the right kind of repairing and fixing.

Television, Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops are something that plays a very important role in our every day life, so much so that it can be said that we, as humans cannot function without them. It is really hard to imagine a life today without these sources of entertainment. Gadgets and electronic items have become a mandate today. So if you need help with any of your electronic product or if you have got any questions related to the tech, ask Fixog! We will solve all your mobile and computer issues remotely. Our range of troubleshooting is huge, we will fix everything for you. We promise to assist you correctly and answer all your tech related queries and questions.

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